Saturday, 31 December 2011


The last day of 2011.
so many things had passed on this year
suka, duka, tangis, tawa
sem 2 and 3 in KMB
stress segala bagai
and the most important one
Dakwah dan Tarbiyyah that i've been go through this year
All praises to Allah that have allowed me
and still let me be in that DnT
until today
though I had done so many (read: uncountable) sins :(
(oh Allah, please forgive all my sins) 
Oh Allah, thank you for giving me the chance
and please don't let me run away from this path
please let my feet firm
and my heart stay unchanged :')

TOMORROW (less than 24hours) is already 2012
too many things are waiting
(including those that have been procastinated)
DnT, adik2, IB, assignments, dan bemacam2 lagi
and i am very sure i'll be in stress mode
(sebaik sahaja melangkah masuk ke KMB terchenta)
so please hidayah,
get your right compass,
turn to the correct direction, 
then continue your steps
its better slow than not moving at all, right?
so, be ready and
WELCOME 2012! :)

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